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We all dream of our children having good manners. Aside from demonstrating maturity and good upbringing, using etiquette expresses respect for others and helps children feel more comfortable in social interactions. 


Put your best foot forward in social settings with our thoughtfully structured courses designed to imbue you with the essential rules of etiquette in a modern and enjoyable format.


Good manners beget good business. The ability of customer-facing team members to handle themselves with the proper etiquette can sometimes outweigh even the deepest product knowledge. 



“A -The Etiquette Consultancy” is the leading Western etiquette training service in South East Asia. Founded by Astrie Sunindar-Ratner, a certified International Social and Youth Etiquette Consultant.  A -The Etiquette Consultancy focuses on positioning children and adults for future success by imbuing them with a deep understanding of etiquette. 


Based out of Singapore and deeply versed in British and Continental Etiquette with a global perspective, A - The Etiquette Consultancy offers training that fuses traditional customs with contemporary values to empower its clients to gain confidence and interact with effortless grace in a myriad of modern-day social and business settings. It’s expertly designed hands-on seminars and courses are attended by prestigious clients from across the region.

"Good Manners open the closed doors; bad manners close the open doors"

-Mehmet Murat Ildan 


Astrie Sunindar-Ratner

Born into a family with a rich history and deep roots in Javanese Royal traditions, Astrie has always had an intrinsic appreciation for manners and etiquette. She went to her first etiquette course at the age of 9 and attended a prestigious Swiss finishing school at the age of 11. A year later, she left for boarding school in Switzerland where she was exposed to students from more than 60 different nationalities. Learning about her fellow students’ cultures and customs while creating close friendships sparked Astrie’s lifelong faith in the power of etiquette to bring people together.

Astrie would go on to graduate university in the United States with dual bachelor degrees in Business Management and Child Psychology. Through her studies and research, Astrie recognized that etiquette, which at its core teaches self-awareness, respect and kindness for others, plays an increasingly important role in child development. She sees etiquette as an empowering force that lays the foundation for children to blossom into successful adults by endowing them with a stronger sense of self-respect and confidence.

In the same vein, Astrie believes etiquette is just as valuable to adults looking to reach their full potential as it helps build confidence and charisma. This enables them to make positive impressions and stand out in important social and professional settings. 

Now a mother of 3, Astrie decided she wanted to share her passion and knowledge of etiquette and manners with others in the region. Astrie became fully certified as an International Youth and Social Etiquette consultant in the United Kingdom and opened “A - The Etiquette Consultancy” in Singapore to provide the very highest standard of etiquette training and advisory service to individuals, families, businesses and schools. Her programmes are designed to be contemporary and highly interactive in order for participants to fully absorb the key principles covered as they learn by doing.

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