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Social Etiquette


Everyday Etiquette

Put your best foot forward in social settings with our thoughtfully structured courses designed to imbue you with the essential rules of etiquette in a modern and enjoyable format.

You will be coached on the full range of social interaction guidelines from British and Continental etiquette while learning the historic origins behind these enigmatic yet indispensable customs.

Through these intensive courses, you will gain the confidence and poise to graciously interact in any social setting, whether you are at an acquaintance’s home, a gala dinner, or attending the opera. With proper etiquette, you are more likely to stay in people’s good graces and be a person they trust, care about, and engage with frequently.

A description of our courses is available below.

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Social Etiquette Programmes

At A - The Etiquette Consultancy, we believe in delivering programmes that are personalised to support our clients’ personal growth, goals and success.


The Art of Royal Afternoon Tea at Raffles Hotel

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Etiquette of Afternoon Tea in the beautiful setting of the renowned Raffles Hotel Singapore’s Grand Lobby. This course takes you on a gastronomic journey while imparting a fountain of knowledge about this timeless tradition from the origins of afternoon tea to the different types of teatime services to the do’s and don’ts of teatime etiquette. By the end of the session, you will have a deep appreciation for the history and customs of afternoon tea etiquette.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Booking inclusive of one Raffles Hotel Afternoon Tea Set which includes:

- Selection of exquisite finger sandwiches

- Delightful sweet desserts

- Homemade original and raisin scones, clotted cream and Raffles signature rose petal jam

- A glass of champagne

Please make bookings 3 days in advance

For any cancellation, please inform us more than 24hrs in advance to avoid forfeiting the deposit in full


The Finishing Touch

(Includes the Art of Dining and The Etiquette of Loving yourself)

Our most coveted program covering all the areas of etiquette you need to know to boost your social success and confidence. Learn everything there is to know about social graces and dining etiquette to ensure you leave a positive and lasting impression on all those you meet. This programme includes a 3-course dining experience in one of Singapore’s fine dining rooms. You will also discover self-care habits that help make daily routines less stressful and more enjoyable. We also spend time exploring what makes you happy because we believe that when you take the time to respect and love yourself, you can then do the same to your loved ones and others.

Duration: Half Day

Includes three-course lunch at a fine dining restaurant

Dates for the next workshop: To be announced

The Art of Entertaining

Hosting at home can be stressful but this program shares everything you need to know to pull off stunning dinner parties with ease and confidence, cementing your reputation as the host with the most.

Duration: 2 hours

Dates for the next workshop: To be announced

The Art of Personal Style

Discover what makes you stand out in the crowd and be your own brand ambassador! Having a signature look and touch is an art unto itself! Learn all about personal presentation, finding your personal style and how to dress your best. This program also shows you how to add your personal touch to all aspects of your relationships by covering: The Art of Gift Wrapping and The Art and Elegance of Personal Stationery and Correspondence.

Duration: 2 hours

Dates for the next workshop: To be announced

The Art of Savoir-Faire

This unique programme is conducted in collaboration with A - the Etiquette Consultancy’s (ATEC) handpicked partners. Working together with companies that exude passion and love for what they do, ATEC delivers enriching bespoke experiences that let you dive deeper into existing passions or discover brand new ones, leaving you feeling invigorated and fulfilled. From private art exhibitions, to flower arranging, calligraphy, meditation, wine tasting, perfume making, baking, ballet and more…Please get in touch to learn more and find the perfect experience for you or a loved one!

Duration & Fees on request - Please contact us to plan your bespoke experience

The Finishing Touch
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