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The Kindness Academy


Etiquette for Children

“My dream is for each and every one of the children that attend my programmes to leave smiling and excited to apply their impeccable manners to better the world through their kindness.”

– Astrie Sunindar-Ratner


We all dream of our children having good manners. Aside from demonstrating maturity and good upbringing, using etiquette expresses respect for others and helps children feel more comfortable in social interactions. Far from being an antiquated remnant of a foregone era, good manners communicate respect, thoughtfulness and cultural identity.


Our core belief is that good manners can only truly be ingrained in children when they embrace kindness! When children are taught to be kind and considerate, they will innately understand etiquette. Our programmes are designed to inspire and enhance their positivity and kindness through interactive, fun, and creative activities that give them the confidence to apply good manners in daily life.

In a fun yet educational format, the courses will take children on a journey through basic to advanced etiquette guidelines covering everything from dining manners to deportment to how to make friends and much more. After the course, the young participants will have the confidence to interact with effortless grace in a myriad of social and academic settings.

Our programs are designed by founder and director, Astrie Sunindar-Ratner, a certified International Social and Youth Etiquette Consultant.

A description of our courses is available below. For more information, please contact us

Kindness Academy Programmes

The Kindness Academy Half Day Etiquette Course

Manners are all about effective communication and words alone lack meaning until you add your unique magic touch to them. In this course, we will cover key aspects of communication from body language to conversational know-how to using the magic words. Digital communications etiquette will also be covered given the important role they play in today’s social interactions. Next, we build your child’s confidence at the dining table with a detailed session on table manners followed by the opportunity to put the newly learned knowledge into practice during the 3-course meal provided for lunch. We’ll end the day with a celebration and certification for completing two very important modules.


The programmes are divided into 3 age  groups:

–The Young Diplomats - 6 to 8

–The Little Ambassadors - 9 to 12

–The Refined Teens - 13 to 16

Duration: 3.5 Hours (lunch included)

Dates for the next workshop: To be announced

Kindness Academy Afternoon Tea Etiquette Course

Enjoy tea fit for a prince or princess. This course teaches children good table manners and builds their confidence eating out. They will enjoy a bespoke menu of bite-sized sandwiches, scones and cakes served with a pot of hot chocolate or caffeine-free tea while mastering tea etiquette to dazzle their parents the next time they have tea together.

Duration: 2 Hours

Includes afternoon tea set

Dates for the next workshop: To be announced

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