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A Story of Etiquette



A - The Etiquette Consultancy

“A -The Etiquette Consultancy” is the leading Western etiquette training service in South East Asia. Founded by Astrie Sunindar-Ratner, a certified International Social and Youth Etiquette Consultant.  A -The Etiquette Consultancy focuses on positioning children and adults for future success by imbuing them with a deep understanding of etiquette. 


Based out of Singapore and deeply versed in British and Continental Etiquette with a global perspective, A - The Etiquette Consultancy offers training that fuses traditional customs with contemporary values to empower its clients to gain confidence and interact with effortless grace in a myriad of modern-day social and business settings. It’s expertly designed hands-on seminars and courses are attended by prestigious clients from across the region.


A - The Etiquette Consultancy’s specially designed courses for children center around its core belief that good manners can only truly be ingrained in children when they embrace kindness! When children are taught to be kind and considerate, they will innately understand etiquette, which is vital for a child’s later success, socially and professionally. These programmes are created to inspire and enhance their positivity and kindness through interactive, fun, and creative activities that give them the confidence to apply good manners in daily life.


A - The Etiquette Consultancy caters to the needs of adults and businesses by offering essential etiquette knowledge that plays an increasingly important role in today's society. Its programmes are designed for everyone from business executives wanting to ensure they follow socially acceptable guidelines in official engagements, to diplomats looking to engage in international events with cultural sensitivity, as well as individuals looking to gain confidence in social settings through a deeper knowledge of the rules of etiquette.

The Story of our Logo

Logo Crest.jpg

Our logo pays homage to our founder's family heritage. Inspired by her great grandfather's crest, the shield is surrounded by flowers and rice plants to symbolize cultural refinement. The types of flowers, Jasmine and Peonies, represent her parents' favourite flowers, while the ribbon is a symbol of hope and high achievement. The bee symbolize flowing communication and good luck and the "A" is for Astrie.

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